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I realllly want another tarot card tattoo! I was thinking 3 of swords but I’m not sure yet

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What is Wicca?

After all my years of practicing this is still probably the hardest question to answer. Let me start with one of the biggest issues in this Craft. Every witch is not Wiccan, and every Wiccan may not be a witch.

There is a lot to Wicca that can’t really be explained but can be experienced. It’s a religion that balances yourself with nature, along with yourself spiritually. So before you begin your path it’s good to do self reflection and meditation on what needs to be fixed in your life. There are many deities and many paths and traditions that come with The Craft, heck you can even make your own path if you felt it was right (Click Here to check out my Paths and Traditions page). There are also many different cultures of deities as well such as:

And many more!! The deities are your God and Goddess, the ones you praise, the ones you send offerings to. Take your time choosing the deities that are right for you! Check out my page for the God’s and Goddesses here!!

Wiccans do not believe that their way is the only way. We understand that there are many religions that have a purpose and a place and that no one deserves to be shunned for simply existing. 

But keep in mind that Wicca means something different to each and every Wiccan. Not everyone worships the same, not everyone casts spells the same, every witch and/or Wiccan is different.

For example I got a message where someone told me that Wicca, to them, is a way to manifest their feelings in reality. When something upsets them they burn it or a symbol of it in their cauldron and chant a banishment spell over it so that they can give them self closure

I can completely relate to that as well because when I’m feeling down I will write certain things on bay leaves and burn them! 

But Wicca to me personally is a handful as I’m sure it is for most. Wicca to me is about keeping myself balanced, keeping the environment healthy, helping those who ask but never intruding and so much more. 

But in conclusion Wicca is a very beautiful thing in my eyes, and hopefully in yours too. If you have any questions please message me or check out my Wicca for Beginners page!


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